Investigation & documentation Pentagonal virginal, Italy, Francesco Pogizio, 1632 (private collection)

Rectangular pianoforte, England, Broadwood, 1814 (private collection)
Rectangular pianoforte, Austria, B. H. Lunad, c.1840 (private collection)
Rectangular pianoforte, Anonymous, c.1770 (private collection)
Rectangular pianoforte, J.H. Traumann, Hamburg, c.1840. (National History Museum),J.P.Esnaola
Rectangular pianoforte, W. Stodart, London, c. 1812 (National History Museum ) attributed to Mariquita Sánchez de Thompson.
Harpsichord, Napoly, Anonymous, s. XVI (private collection)

Rectangular pianoforte, Collard & Collard, London, c. 1840 (private collection)

Colonial Organ( Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral)

Pianoforte, copy of a Viennese instrument, Anton Walter, 1795.
Parts of early keyboard instruments as colaborador in Jorge Gonzalez workshop for fifteen years.

for concerts of presentation of the pianofortes restored and seldom CD recordings.

Service of maintenance
of early keyboard instruments.